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High Fives

"Alone we can do so little.

Together, we can do so much" -Helen Keller

client testimonials

The Best Approach

This approach to my goal has been the best! My progress has been fast and it is worth the drive from Washington. I will keep going until I’ve met my goal. -V.W.*

No need to keep looking!

Excellent results. 👍 Helped me with reoccurring dream/nightmare I was having for 6 months!-J.P.*


I was not sure what I was getting into but I needed to address some procrastination issues. The whole session was comfortable, relaxing and has had a big impact at work. I recommend that anyone who is thinking about trying hypnosis as an answer to their problems to give Success Hypnosis a try." -Steve E*


Smooth Introduction

I am so happy I called for an appointment. All my anxiety's were soothed away through thoughtful and deliberate conversations. What could have been an awkward and uncomfortable conversation turned into hope and longing for the next steps. Give it a chance, you will not be disappointed."-Kris B*

Amazing Experience!

came to my appointment with very specific goals and no expectations, as I have never done anything like this before. WOW! What an absolutely positive experience. I highly recommend Success Hypnosis to anyone."-Mikel N.*

The Healing Power of Hypnosis

Most of us avoid the issues we know we need to address in order to heal. To dig in gently it helps to start that process with a careful and thoughtful listener. After my first session at Success Hypnosis, I felt as though I'd just had a very good massage AND chiropractic adjustment. I've already scheduled a followup--more work to be done!-Steve P.*

Margot is a Treasure
It was my lucky day to find Margot Miles. She is a gifted hypnotist with.a spellbinding voice, to be sure, but she is also a trusted counselor. She keeps up in her field in a way that other therapists could learn from. I have never personally met any professional who works harder to bring something new to her clients. She listens carefully, yes, but she also helps you navigate what is troubling you and she will give you the benefit of her research and wisdom. I can't recommend her highly enough.

As I was searching for a hypnotist I had some specifics that were non-negotiable. Nevertheless, Margot's smile captured me so I thought why not take a look!! I'm so glad I did. Although that was the first time we met she made me feel like family... What a BLESSING to have found her! -T.D.*

Absolutely Gifted
I have seen Margot a few times over the years. First appointments were surrounding an addiction to nicotine and my latest surrounding binge eating and sugar addiction. In both instances my sessions with Margot took the devil off my shoulder. I have not smoked in over 10 years and I have gained much more confidence in life and my eating habits. I feel happy and healthy and I owe it in huge part to Margot and the work she does..! I highly recommend her to anyone wanting an extra boost with goals.
-Kean B.*

Mental Health Superstar!
Margot was super helpful and professional! I am enjoying using the skills we talked about and the download at bedtime works just awesome for me! I highly recommend Margot! She is empathetic, smart, honest and helpful.-Gayle L.*

The Best
Margot is one of those people who fits perfectly in the job she has. I've referred many people to her no one is ever disappointed! -Paul M.*

Success Indeed
I reached out to Margot with a wish to get a handle on what I considered an addiction to sugar. After one session and a small amount of willpower I have been sugar free for 8 weeks now. As a result, I am also down about 6-8 pounds during that time without really changing any other life style. Due to this success with Margot's help I reached out to her once again. She has such an intellect for a wide variety of matters. -Bill K,*

Guided Meditation + Helpful Advice = Peace of Mind
I wasn’t sure what to expect with hypnotherapy and it took me a while to finally make the call even with a great reference from a friend. I’m so glad I took the chance to get help in this way: Margot is amazing. She takes the time to really talk about what you need and gives you practical helpful advice, from book recommendations to breathing techniques. Her guided meditations (the hypnosis part) give you and your mind a chance to relax & you go home with a recording so you can relax anytime.
-Sally L*

Absolutely Professional and Authentic Healing!
I find Margot to be a life saver whenever I need to cross an important challenge. She is my ROCK! 🙏🙏🙏 I find her to be the best listener and a great advisor. She's full of true intellectual curiosity, empathy, wisdom and a beautiful ,world class hypnotherapist. I have recommended several people to her and everyone found her helpful and had life changing results. 🙏❤️
-Saeed R.*

Successful Results
I have always had such a wonderful experience with success hypnosis . Margot has such a beautiful voice and she has an incredible talent for creating guided imagery that reaches into the depths of your being. I have used her guided meditations for many years to help with sleep and stress. I highly recommend her for any challenge you may be facing in live and there are many these days! -April W. *

A Five Star Experience
Very few professional experiences deserve such accolades, but Margot does. My insomnia healing is now charted towards resolution because of her care. Thank you! -John C.*

Nothing not to like
My only hesitation in writing this review for Margot Miles and Success Hypnosis is the concern that anything I might say might sound as though it belongs in the 'too good to be true' file. Yet it is true. Margot has enabled me to make constructive changes in my behavior and approach to life more thoroughly and quickly than I would have thought possible. I cannot recommend her practice too highly. -Daniel S*

Margot is my GPS!
Wow, I've been going to Margot Miles for just over a year now, and I feel so fortunate to have found such a savvy, caring guide to self-care and self-improvement. Never have I talked so much about so many worries with one therapist. Her format of listening for an hour before turning to hypnosis allows her to take your topmost concerns and customize a session of hypnosis that will fortify you wherever you are on your journey. -Mary K*

Stopped Smoking
My experience was amazing. I was very comfortable during the session. I’m confident that I will be a non-smoker.
-Tamara E*

Margot is an amazing professional in her field
Had an amazing experience- sensed a beautiful light from within during session. Great nutritional advice and other very helpful information. Highly recommended. -Sanda W.*

Truly Amazing
Margot is truly amazing at what she does and WILL change your life. -Mark M.*

Getting Results
I felt immediately at ease with what I could do differently and found a way to lose weight without out all of the negative feelings I’ve built up from conventional medical approaches. Margot is amazing and I can’t imagine anyone better! To put it simply, she is refreshing to talk to, but that doesn’t even do justice to how easily she can help offer support and solutions.

Margot is the best!!!
I struggled with alcoholism for nearly a decade and was desperate for help when I first met Margot. She was incredibly nice and professional. I immediately noticed positive changes after the very 1st session with her! I am now sober and consider her a friend. Look no further and call Margot! -Nick J*

Fresh Insights
There's no hocus-pocus in hypnosis, but there is magic in Margot Miles' approach. She listens, she has great insights, she has helpful recommendations for whatever problem you are experiencing, and she works hard to craft a hypnosis session that will specifically address your issues. In essence she drafts an impromptu speech in each session just for you, and I don't know how she does it, but she does it consistently, beautifully and in my view brilliantly. -M. Kitch*

Didn't know what to expect...
I am no stranger to counseling but I am brand new to hypnotherapy. I had a great experience during my session and although it was only yesterday, I am noticing a lot of different thought patterns when it comes to food and exercise. I'm really excited to see what kind of results come from this! -Danielle L*

Anxiety to Noise
This is my first time for Hypnosis and I couldn’t be happier with the session. I was totally impressed with Margot. I would totally recommend her to anyone.
-Chris M*

Great Session
Margot is awesome. Our time together was illuminating and helpful, as I was hopeful but not sure what to expect. The guided meditation and recording of the session to listen to again and again, has helped me in my path to feel less anxious in general. Thanks and keep up the good work!! -Robert O.*

As good as it gets
Every time I see Margot Miles she becomes wiser and more inspirational. Somehow she improves on truly incredible. I appreciate her so much. -Cliff N.*

Margot has saved my life twice now.
Margot has saved my life from 30 years of smoking in one hour, roughly 10 years ago. She’s recently saving my life from suicide due to horrible medication prescribed by the VA and a bad break up that triggered the medication to tell me to kill myself. I owe you my life Margot. You’re sweet, smart, caring, you know your business. XO THANK YOU for saving me. -Mark M*

Thank you, Margot!
One of the best things I have ever done for myself is start going to Ms. Miles for hypnosis. She is on top of her field, and she is also a wise counselor. She can and will help you with whatever issues are blocking your good health. It is not uncommon to engage in self-sabotage; I am sure that Margot has heard it all, and knows how women in particular are experts in putting themselves down and keeping themselves down. Margot has helped me be myself, and realize that's enough. -M.K.*


Great experience!
My experience with Success Hypnosis was beyond amazing. My session with Margot was far more helpful than I ever thought possible. During the short time we had together, she helped me target my problems, Gave me the tools in order to take them on, and showed me direction to where I wanted to go. I’ve never been in a darker place in my life, and after leaving her office I had never felt more accomplished and prepared. Thank you Margot! -Chelsie R*

Margot is wonderful. I love her calm and uplifting energy. She is very easy to talk to, without judgment. She is also quite knowledgeable about nutrition and the effects of certain foods on the body. I really enjoy talking to her and listening to my recordings. I’ve only been using them for about 10 days but already am seeing signs of success. -Maria S*

Highly recommend Margot
Margot is very knowledgeable and gifted. I've had 3 sessions with her and each time I've learned new techniques that I can easily apply to my life. She is a great listener and I always feel like I'm talking to a friend. She has helped me with weight loss and stress management and I highly recommend her. -Jenna G*

Margot was more than I expected
Margot framed my challenges in a conversation prior to the hypnosis session. We worked on the loss/break-up of a relationship that had me losing sight of the possibilities. I entered her office as a sucky co-depend woman and left my session with my session with a good plan for self-care and relief from the stress. -T.P.*

Kind, Warm Soul
Margot is a truly generous and gifted hypnotherapist with a kind soul. I also leave feeling hopeful. -D.M.*

Thank you
Success Hypnosis may be the single greatest thing I have done for myself in years. I immediately felt comfortable to speak about my drinking problems, and stresses in my life. We were able to speak easily and at great length about underlying issues. The Hypnotherapy portion was exactly what I needed, and the daily recording I listen to has helped me immensely. I am so grateful for Margot, and her practice. -Zach H*

Great Experience
Margot is incredibly kind and understanding. I felt so comfortable going to see her. Amazing support and follow through. I am looking forward to going back again. -Rachel E*

I should have done it sooner!
A very positive, uplifting and inspirational experience in a relaxed professional environment !!! I walked away with such great ideas to help me on my weight lose journey besides the hypnosis experience Thank you -Christy S*

Fast Results
I am sleeping better and will continue to work on training my thoughts. Listening to the download daily is such great reinforcement of the session. From the moment you walk in you will feel very comfortable and cared for. The name Success Hypnosis says it all. -DK*

"I am so very grateful for the help Success Hypnosis provided me.  Not only am I losing weight, I am more confident and relaxed."*
-M.B., Success Hypnosis Client

"What can I say, no more needing to drink alcohol. Sugars and candy are no longer a problem, and I've lost 20lbs in 40 days. I am so glad I made the call, you will be also.” *

-Success Hypnosis client

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